The Kamparoo range of camper trailers features our most compact, lightweight models. The popular Kamparoo Weekender was featured in Hans Tholstrups fuel efficiency test  in 2008 he travelled from Sydney to Melbourne on less than a tank of fuel, towing a Weekender behind a Hyundai i30, averaging just 5.66L per 100 km!  

Kamparoo models are 2.2 metres in length with touring models featuring a towing height of just 1.2 metres, making the CUB camper trailer experience accessible to small car owners.

The Kamparoo touring models (the Vacationer and the Weekender) can be purchased with a transcontinental pack for a semi off-road experience. There are also two specially-designed off-road models, the Kamparoo Brumby and the most recent addition to the range, the Kamparoo Daintree (including the Daintree LE), ideal for small to mid-sized 4x4s.











Table of Models


  Vacationer Weekender Daintree Daintree LE  Brumby
Body Length 2.2 m 2.2 m 2.2 m 2.2 m  2.2 m
Open Length 4.4 m 4.4 m 4.4 m 4.4 m  4.4 m
Width 1.7 m 1.7 m 1.7 m 1.7 m  1.7 m
Weight 375 kg 455 kg 655 kg 795 kg  910 kg
Tyres 13 inch 13 inch 15 inch 15 inch  16 inch

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