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The 2016 Cub Daintree (formerly the Daintree LE) is Cub’s lightest, most compact off-roader with independent suspension. While there are plenty of reasons for an off-road enthusiast to buy a Daintree here are our top five:

Brumby without the bling (and pricetag)

The Brumby may be our bestselling model, but there are plenty of off-roader adventurous types out there who prefer the simpler things in life. The Daintree still has plenty of in-built premium features as standard – 80L fridge box, independent suspension and 100 amp hour battery pack to name three – making it one of the most affordable Aussie-made off-road campers on the market.

Light enough to tow behind a small SUV

With its compact 2.2 metre body, you don’t need to own an expensive heavy-duty 4WD to tow the Daintree – a small to mid size SUV or 4×4 will do. Cub’s clever design, refined across decades of designing and manufacturing off-road camper trailers, means we don’t have to over-engineer with heavy steel. With a ball weight of just 120kg and a tare weight of 820kg, the Daintree is probably the lightest hard floor off-roader with independent suspension on the market.

A smooth ride (and set-up) on even the roughest outback terrain

Speaking of independent suspension, the Daintree features the same rigorously-tested suspension system that we use on Cub’s top-of-the-range off-road models – for well under 30k. Independent suspension ensures a smooth ride, even over rough terrain, which means that with most SUVs and 4WDs, you’ll barely notice the difference in handling. Just as importantly, all your luggage and holiday essentials will arrive with you safely, at your destination, in one piece. And once you arrive? The Daintree’s roof-rack stabiliser legs, which have a 250mm adjustment as standard, ensure that you’ll have a sound night’s sleep, even if you can’t find a level campsite.

Save on fuel, spend more on your holiday

Australia is a huge land mass. Its wide open spaces and long stretches of road are what make this country such a great place to explore! It’s why so many of you choose to buy an off-road camper trailer in the first place. But if you’re planning on doing a round Australia trip, or even a number of shorter trips a few times a year, the fuel costs can start to add up. With a Daintree, you’ll barely notice the difference in fuel cost, which means you can go further and see more, and spend your hard-earned cash on other things!

Built to last

The Daintree, like all Cub campers, is fully-manufactured on site in our Sydney factory, with 100% Australian steel and 100% Australian canvas. We stand by the reliability of our product, and the Daintree, like all our off-road camper trailers, comes with a five-year canvas, chassis and suspension warranty. The fact that Cubs are built to last also means that if and when you ever want to sell your Cub, you’ll be able to do so with ease – second-hand Daintrees are in huge demand. Cub warranties are fully transferable and Cubs retain their value for many years. We still see a few 20-year-old Drifters pop-up for sale from time to time!

Want to know more about the 2016 Daintree? Watch Pat Callinan review the Daintree LE model in this video.






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